Sunday, October 8, 2017

Spoopy Craft! Dangling Construction Paper & Pipe Cleaner Spiders

I made these for the October bulletin board in the office where I work. This is a super easy one, probably would be fun to do with the kiddos.

You will need:
Construction paper or craft foam
Pipe cleaners
String or yarn
Optional: hole puncher, googly eyes

1. Print and cut out this pattern for the spider body and trace onto the construction paper or foam.

2. Cut out spider body and decorate however you like. I used a coloured piece of construction paper to write birthdays on and made paper eyes, but you could use pompoms or googly eyes or anything else.

3. From the back of the body, poke 4 holes down either side about 1/4" away from the edge with the pencil or punch holes with a hole puncher for the legs.

4. Thread the pipe cleaners through the holes from the back of the body and bend them however you like.

5. Tie a string around one of the legs on the back and hang!

Bonus Craft: Small Pipe Cleaner Spider

1. Cut 3 pipe cleaners in half. You should have 6 halves.

2. Stack four of the halves together and wrap another half around the middle of the stack to make the head

3. Wrap the ends of the last half around the head and leave a loop in the middle for the body. Optional: Add a pompom to the loop for a fuzzy body!

4. Bend the legs however you like, add googly eyes and string to hang!

Here are the directions for you to print out:

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